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Software Development

Do you want to unleash the potential of your business in the ever changing environment? Do you want to move into this technological era with online marketing? Sonalum can work with you to achieve all your goals.

We have seasoned professionals to analyze your business needs, develop customized solutions to meet specific demands of the customer. 

Software development is not only a website or an application, its more than that. Software development services will not only smoothly run your business but also saves your effort and time.

We can help you develop:

  • Web Application

Custom web application development includes front-end & design, back-end, database, and server scale designed to fit your custom workflow.


  • Mobile Application

Analyze and define business strategy, delivers business-centric and highly customized native, hybrid and cross platform mobile apps. Integrate with back-end app, middle-ware or cloud service.​

Software Testing

Testing has many benefits and one of the most important ones is cost-effectiveness. Getting testers or QA’s who are technically educated and experienced for a software project is just like an investment and your project will benefit budget-wise.

Testing can help your product security. Sometimes even the smallest security issues have brought huge problems to businesses around the world, so it should always be important to assure top-notch quality products to customers. There are also new regulation to comply.

We have experienced QA team to provide all software testing assistance, from validating software requirements, writing testing cases, performing manual QA, to creating testing scripts and executing automated test. 

The end result is a product work as planned, a vision come to life. Following product requirements is imperative, to an extent, because it helps you get the wanted end results. The ultimate goal for a product owner is to give the best customer satisfaction. 

Big Data Service

Realizing the true potential of data is the major differentiator for any business enterprise. Many businesses live, breathe and thrive on making meaningful use of the data. Many businesses use data to improve the way products and services developed and delivered to customers. Many businesses use data to identify risks and learn from the past to forge ahead for a better future. For any business, collecting data, improving the quality of the collected data, discovering useful data and presenting data to improve customer engagement paves the way for realizing the true potential of data.

Our Big Data services are developed with the experience gained during the past 15 years supporting and transforming data warehouses to Big Data solutions and developing new Big Data solutions for enterprises of all sizes. Our Big Data solution brings together both open source and COTS products/solutions to transform enterprise data management with:

  • Flexibility

  • Scalability

  • Adaptability

  • Usability

Almost all Big Data architectures and design will look the same, our design and architecture brings together the domain experts and processes with purpose-driven use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to deliver cost savings and meaningful use of data. We combine the tools with quality, security and user engagement practices to deliver scalable Big Data solutions both on-premise and on-cloud.

Our Big Data Services include:

  • Analysis and Assessment – to understand the current data, utilization and challenges in integrating and improving data usage

  • Developing roadmap and planning – for transforming the data management, either from traditional data warehouse to Big Data or from legacy processes to Big Data

  • Data Ingestion – to process source data in various formats, including CSV, XML, JSON, PDF, custom through Data Pipelines, Streaming, APIs, Web Services, Database (direct connection) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Data Integration – armed with automatic meta-data tools and streamlines approaches for integrating disparate data sets and models together, our approach brings leading tools data integration. Our data integration services include meta-data management (from low-level to domain level), data model design/development, virtual/logical data integration, data exploration using 

  • Data Analytics and Visualization – experience utilizing Google TensorFlow, R and Python to deliver algorithms for using descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics. Complimented with custom dashboards to provide role-based access to view, report and monitor data along with data catalogs, meta-data management, collaboration and self-service capabilities. 

  • Data Quality Management, Access Management, Governance and Security – services and processes to bring data reliable, clean and secure data at exceptionally faster speed.


In an ever-expanding digital world, cybersecurity is critical to protect and secure the data, information and systems. Cybersecurity has become the core of our daily functions and activities. Every individual, corporation, organization and government rely on the strength of cybersecurity to increase privacy, control, protection and operation.

At Sonalum, we think that cybersecurity is everyone’s business and it is at the core of all activities in this digitized world (and beyond of course). We think that organizations must work beyond compliance to ensure business continuity, data protection and market leadership. We think that corporations, citizens and governments must:

  • Be knowledgeable on cybersecurity and the tools, technologies and processes for securing data/information

  • Be aware of threats and vulnerabilities of digital activities online, mobile and Internet-of-Things (IoTs)

  • Be prepared to secure and protect data/information with cybersecurity tools, technologies and processes


Our cybersecurity services are designed to increase cybersecurity compliance, monitoring and protection for data/information, business systems and infrastructure proactively. Our cybersecurity services include:

  • Cybersecurity Analysis and Design

Analysis of cybersecurity policies and procedures, industry standards (NIST – FISMA, RMF, FedRAMP and company/agency specific). Design of cybersecurity processes with “built-in cybersecurity” thinking though SecOps, security testing and compliance validation from system development to delivery. Develop standards, procedures and checklist for incorporating security, privacy and information assurance throughout system development life cycle.

  • Cybersecurity Assessment and Authorization (A&A) and Authority-To-Operate (ATO)

Develop methodologies to incrementally create assessment artifacts and documents. Improve assessment readiness with increased cybersecurity compliance requirements. Develop artifacts documenting the cybersecurity implementation for systems under assessment. Develop Security Assessment Report and System Security Plan. Develop Plan of Action and Mitigation for security compliance gaps and findings.

  • Threats and Vulnerabilities Analysis 

Analysis security posture, protection measures and implementation procedures to identify threats and vulnerabilities with technology services and operations. Develop custom methodologies and procedures with continuous monitoring tools to increase threat intelligence and cyber resilience. 

  • Continuous Monitoring and Penetration Testing

Implement continuous monitoring using Nessus, CloudStrike, Kibana and other tools. Certified Ethical Hackers (CEHs) to implement penetration testing using custom python and other tools.

Providing a Complete Suite of IT Solutions

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